Factory name: AD* STAR Tu Phuong Factory– A Brand of Plastic Chemicals Joint Stock Company- PLASCHEM
Add: No. 6, Loi Binh Nhon Industrial Cluster, Loi Binh Nhon Commune, Tan An City, Long An Province
Ownership: Private
Total area: 20.000m2
Number of employees: 375 employees




PLASCHEM was established in October 4, 1995, specializes in manufacturing and import of plastic raw material chemicals.

As a premise in 2001, the company invested in the production line of plastic tarpaulin, imported from Starlinger- Austria. Due to high demand, the production of our company grew steadily over the years. The total operating capacity of 5 lines the end of 2015 was about 20,000 tons / year, accounting for approximately 48-50% of the total national production. Annual sales of the company reached more than 40 million USD.

In early 2013, PLASCHEM invested in  Tu Phuong AD* Star Factory in Long An Province with convenient location, close to the highway and 40km from the port.   The total initial investment was $ 15 million with total area of ​​20,000m2 and over 350 employees. With dedication and experience in industry, the production reaches 13 million block bottom bags / month (156 million bags / year).

Due to having a reputation in the industry,  we quickly established a stable customer base from the North – Central. In the South, our customer are Group South Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation Vicem Ha Tien Cement, Cement Son, Bim Son Cement, Cement Hai Van Cement Haiphong Cement Group Vissai, Cam Pha Cement, Cement Phuc Son, Chinfon Cement, Thang Long Cement, Cement Ha Tien – Kien Giang, Hoang Long Cement…

Due to the characteristic of most cement factory in Vietnam, 70% are transported by river so the bags should require quality and good durability. Currently we are offering 40-50% yield for Holcim Philippines, Holcim Vietnam and stable quality

Advantages of Tu Phuong AD*Star factory is that we have a long tradition of importing and manufacturing plastic products and we are confident to have a stable financial background

As a company with diverse portfolio, we always strive to reach new heights and exceeding customer expectations.



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Factory add: No. 6, Loi Binh Nhon Industrial Cluster, Loi Binh Nhon Commune, Tan An City, Long An Province, Vietnam

 Tel: 072. 3550011(168)    Fax: 072. 3821799


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